MGM COTAI - The Spectacle, by Electrosonic

December 5, 2019

The Spectacle at MGM COTAI is a remarkable, inspiring space that integrates audiovisual technology into architecture to create an innovative, immersive, multisensory experience. It connects people to the space and redefines the way they experience art. A vast four-storey atrium has been transformed into a welcoming space that fuses architecture, art and technology to create a platform for an extraordinary digital experience.

Twenty-five massive LED display walls create a breath-taking canvas that showcases a collage of inspirational digital art from world-famous photographers and artists. The Spectacle, as the space has been coined, is a dynamic environment with images continually evolving and responding to changing conditions. MGM COTAI’s objective was to create the ultimate guest experience and reflect brand values of innovation, inspiration and entertainment.

The Spectacle delivers that with a multisensory platform that reveals the beauty of the world through nature, art, music, language and culture. The objective would also further MGM COTAI’s mission of bringing the world to China and China to the world. Its aim was to inspire and define the new age of China by evoking a sense of the future through creative modern reinterpretations of Chinese tradition. Technology is the enabler for this ambitious creative vision.

However, technology should not distract from the beautiful architecture or overwhelm guests. It should integrate seamlessly to create an almost magical experience with a delicate balance between soft video, a soothing soundscape and the strong lines of the soaring architectural space. The goal was to create an environment that would surprise and captivate guests — and set new standards and expectations for digital experience.

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