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November 13, 2019 Editorial Team

Entertainment has a meaningful role in today’s growing experience economy. Simply put, consumers crave experiences. And when it comes to entertainment, they are looking for something that is better than they can get at home. Something that they can enjoy with friends and family members.

Let’s look at what this thirst for expanded experiences means for theme parks:


Embrace and expand on proven stories.

The importance of the story becomes crystal clear when looking at the many non-linear rides available today. When drawing from a host of fantastic movies and television shows, themed environments immediately have the type of background they need to build successful rides. However, it can also be a challenge to create expanded experiences without the luxury of post-production options.


It is a digital world, which provides a host of amazing audiovisual technologies for theme park owners to leverage. However, it also means that guests have access to amazing technology at home as well. People need motivation to get them out of the house. When theme parks get it right, they provide guests with a creative way to escape into new worlds and alternative realities.

Finding creative ways to deliver the content is key to successfully expanding on already loved stories. Today’s audiovisual (AV) solutions including an array of projection technologies, high definition displays and captivating sound systems can each play a pivotal role.


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Provide layered levels of immersion.

Themed environments are most successful when they find ways to engage and wow the guest with content in a way that is totally immersive. It is not a new concept. However, the expectations are increasing and intensifying.


The simple translation? The experience does not end with the ride. Theme parks now are not the traditional parks we have expected. For instance, there’s huge growth in immersive dining experiences – including pop-ups that meet evolving tastes. The same is true for


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Capitalize on popularity of dark rides.


Because of the inherent potential to effectively leverage new technology while delivering truly immersive story-driven experiences, dark rides provide theme parks an opportunity to blend various trends together.

A dark ride by nature is a deviation from the thrill-based coaster. Instead these rides use a mix of AV technologies to captivate the guest. Many of these rides are interactive – empowering guests to customize their experience by making decisions throughout the ride that ultimately impact the route they take.


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