The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

June 4, 2018

Interactive exhibition technology lets fans discover a new side to their favorite movie


How hard can it be to turn a global blockbuster movie into a 12,000 square feet interactive exhibition then take it on tour? Electrosonic, working with Lionsgate, Thinkwell Group and Imagine Exhibitions, took on the challenge of designing, supplying and integrating audiovisual systems for Hunger Games: The Exhibition. The audiovisual installation across seven galleries is complex in itself, featuring projection mapping on threedimensional sets, interactive maps and touch tables, interactive sketchbooks and a Microsoft Kinect motion sensing exhibit. Projection mapping, for example, required special lens selection to warp architectural imagery onto the 3-D set.

The opening exhibition had to be completed within a very tight schedule, but the entire installation had to be engineered and fabricated as a modular touring system transported in 58 custom cases that would be easy to set up and dismantle at a series of global sites. The team described the logistics as an ‘enormous interactive puzzle.’ 

Iconic costumes and props integrate with interactive technologies to give fans an experience where imagination comes to life. 


Electrosonic designed the audiovisual systems for quick setup and teardown, with tools and features for easy installation and simple reliable connectivity. To ensure complex projection mapping was effective, ultra short-throw reverse lenses were selected and tested on mock-ups before installation. Interactive exhibits allowed visitors to simulate stunts using motion detection, edit their own films or view a ‘magic sketchbook’ where images appear and disappear with page turns.


This dynamic interactive exhibition excites and engages fans by taking them on an immersive exploration of the historical, scientific and cultural contexts of the movie. The innovative projection techniques fuse the architecture of 3-D sets with storytelling to create an experience where imagination comes to life. The exhibition continued to attract large audiences as it travelled on its international tour while careful design and storage ensured quality remained consistent.

"The Hunger Games: The Exhibition offers visitors an unparalleled experience and brings them closer to the world of Panem. Through a dynamic series of interactives, never before seen content and immersive environments, guests will connect to The Hunger Games in a one-of-kind experience." - Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate Senior Vice President of Location Based Entertainment

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