The Ahmed Al Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition

June 5, 2018

Fire, Smoke & Creative Audio-Visual Solutions Combine to Present the Story of Oil Production in Kuwait


The Ahmed Al Jaber Oil and Gas Exhibition in Kuwait is a project that Electrosonic has been involved with for over 13 years. It aims to show where oil is produced and its importance to the economy and the products that are derived from both oil and gas. Electrosonic was part of the initial design process and then finally in the commissioning and installation.


The main challenge was working on a project over a long distance and to ensure delivery from design to installation over a prolonged period of time. Some systems had to be changed during the process to suit new specifications introduced as the project developed over time.


The heroes of fire show is the highlight of the exhibition and shows how the oil well head fires were put out in Kuwait after the first gulf war. The triple projector and panoramic display involves movement, lights, real flame, smoke and sound systems all synchronized for dramatic effect.

A table top presentation of a large map of Kuwait uses two short throw projectors and at six points around the table custom control panels allow the user to denote a point of interest where a sound bite will be triggered to further enhance the presentation. The complex nature of the AV components have meant that Electrosonic have been contracted to provide on-site support after completion.


The integrated systems with this exhibition from Electrosonic provide a spectacular solution to give a fully interactive experience to the visitor. A key aim of the exhibition is to encourage young people to explore careers in the oil industry. Meet the Experts, an interactive spine of multimedia exhibits threaded throughout the exhibition, enables visitors to personalize their access to detailed and industry relevant content.


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