Heroes and Legends at The Kennedy Space Center

June 4, 2018

Audiovisual technology recreates an experience that’s out of this world.

Cape Canaveral, Florida


How do you communicate the drama of pioneering spaceflight and put the audience in the shoes of those legendary astronauts? The US Astronaut Hall of Fame aimed to bring their heroic achievements to life using engaging storytelling and immersive multimedia experiences to recreate the danger and excitement of those awe-inspiring journeys. Electrosonic collaborated with designers Falcon’s Treehouse to develop and deploy audiovisual and interactive elements that would educate, engage and inspire visitors.

Space exploration has driven many technological advances so the audiovisual technology on display had to reach beyond traditional boundaries. The challenge was to integrate multi-sensory theater, hologram technology, interactive displays, special effects and augmented reality with stunning artifacts like a full-size Mercury- Redstone rocket and a Gemini space capsule. This show was to be truly immersive with a 360° discovery bay and simulations of life inside a capsule and a space walk. That’s one giant leap for audiovisual technology.

Technology goes above and beyond to bring the drama and excitement of space travel back down to earth.


Electrosonic provided audiovisual installation, integration and show control for this engaging, inspirational experience that fuses architecture, storytelling and technology. A 4D multi-sensory theater with choreographed sound and lighting effects lets visitors look down on earth. Holographic projection recreates the mysterious atmosphere of a space walk. Overhead monitors using high-brightness projectors present dramatic space images and informative interactive displays let visitors explore the stories of legendary astronauts.


Heroes & Legends defines and celebrates the achievements of pioneering astronauts with an inspirational experience that gives visitors a rich understanding of the risk and drama of life in space. Audiovisual technology takes visitors on a mission into a virtual world where they can share what the astronauts saw and experienced. This is a one-of-a-kind attraction that recreates the sense of wonder that early astronauts experienced.

"Heroes & Legends will bring to life the stories of America’s pioneering astronauts by inviting guests to experience their missions through high-tech displays and special effects. The attraction will immerse our guests in some of the most inspirational and remarkable space experiences in the world." - Therrin Protze, Chief Operating Officer, Heroes & Legends

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