Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center

July 18, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center brings agriculture alive for the community

Manitowoc, Wisconsin


More and more people want to know where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and who is producing it. The Center knew it had to engage and educate the community — show how Wisconsin agricultural producers make food safely, humanely and sustainably. That means taking visitors beyond the barn — demonstrating how technology and traditional farming practices come together to make Wisconsin one of the most critical states in US agriculture.

To do that, the Center had to find a way to tell that story excitingly. Not just through engaging interactive displays, but with real hands-on experience of the farming life. The operators were confident the farm folk would turn up. However, with a focus on the future, the Center had to attract young people, the next generation of Wisconsin farmers — show them the opportunities in a dynamic technology-led industry. This had to be more than an agricultural museum.



Just like a real farmer! Sowing the seed for the next generation of Wisconsin farmers with a number of interactive farming simulator games.


A series of audiovisual experiences give visitors an engaging immersive insight into the way agriculture works. Visitors can take an interactive journey from the farm to the table. They can get up close and personal with a real live cow birth, experience farm work through simulations or follow food through a cow’s digestive system. Moreover, visitors can use technology to find out how technology shapes agriculture.


The Center has become a go-to destination for farmers and families with interest in agriculture. Its strong focus on education is raising awareness of the vital contribution of Wisconsin agriculture to the US and world economy. Also, the larger than life experiences are helping to attract and engage a more extensive, younger audience - a bumper harvest for a project with its roots in the community.

"When guests walk through the center for the first time they’re immersed with technology and beautiful exhibits, there’s a wow-factor you just have to experience for yourself." - Fred DavidowitzProject Manager, Electrosonic


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