Eaton Experience Center

January 23, 2018

Powering Up with a Stunning AV Chandelier and Curtain

Eaton, a power management company that provides energy-efficient solutions, opened a new campus in Cleveland, Ohio, which includes cutting-edge audio-visual technology to communicate its values and its leading position in power management end markets to employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and political leaders. Electrosonic was charged with designing the AV systems, media control and power management for the Eaton Experience Center.

The installation was conceived and designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA). Electrosonic served as a consultant to RAA during the design phases, and was ultimately contracted by Eaton to build the installation.

The Eaton Experience Center consists of:

  • Twelve 3D animated illustrations
  • Four 65-inch interactive multi-touch tables
  • An 80x14-foot LED curtain featuring abstract or natural landscapes and data visualizations
  • A brilliant 53-foot LED chandelier that complements the animations on the LED curtain.

The centerpiece of the Eaton atrium is the five-story chandelier comprised of LED mesh wrapped into a cylinder 53 feet tall by 12 feet in diameter. Displaying content created by RAA, the chandelier serves as a giant art installation as well as a source of illumination. The LED mesh combines a woven stainless steel mesh grid with individually-addressable LEDs to form a canvas for vivid, large-scale media. The chandelier can display specific media on a pre-determined timeline or media for a particular show via a show controller. Electrosonic tested the racks for weeks because of the complexity and delicacy of the system.

“The chandelier was two years in the making with the metal fabric built section by section on a rotisserie with jig,” says Electrosonic project manager Bryan Vogel. “Every measurement had to be laser-perfect. If it was off by a quarter-inch on one end, it would be off by five inches at the other.” The 80-foot curtain wall in the atrium is also comprised of a woven grid with transparent LED nodes in a 62.5mm pitch. The nodes display a video signal sourced from the head-end AV equipment room.

Electrosonic designed and fabricated custom power panels for the LED curtain wall and the chandelier to power the mesh with voltage sensors that provide real-time power monitoring and analysis. The system has airport/government specifications, so employees are alerted to any fluctuations to power and amperage.

Tim Ventimiglia, RAA Director Berlin Operations, concluded “From my view, this installation shows in a dramatic way what you can achieve when an AV systems integrator like Electrosonic is brought on board early during the design process and then executes the work. The level of detail and refinement represented in the Chandelier and Curtain structures would not have been possible without this early coordination.”


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