Stonehenge Visitor Centre

June 5, 2018

A Virtual Experience of Stonehenge Prepares Visitors for Seeing the Real Thing


The new Stonehenge Visitor Centre is located 1.5 miles from, and out of sight of, Stonehenge itself. Visitors to the centre learn about the site before being transported to the stones. The centre houses an education space, café, shop, a 360 degree film “Standing in the Stones” and an exhibition. The exhibition includes exhibits on “The meaning of Stonehenge”, contemporary artifacts, and “Landscape” an exhibit showing how the surrounding land evolved over the millennia. Electrosonic was responsible for audiovisual systems design and integration under a direct contract with English Heritage.


“Standing in the Stones” required careful projection design to ensure perfect seamless images that fitted the space and which could not be accidentally obstructed. AV elements within the exhibition required neat and unobtrusive integration with the exhibits.


Electrosonic built a full scale mock-up of “Standing in the Stones” at its UK head office in Kent. This procedure enabled the film producers, Centre Screen Productions, assisted by Studio Liddell, to check the content at full size whilst ensuring that English Heritage could be confident in the outcome and aware of audience circulation issues. The show uses six Panasonic DLP™ projectors fed from a 7th Sense Delta media server accompanied by a 7-channel soundtrack. In the exhibition, designed and produced by Haley Sharpe Design, the giant image required by “Landscape” used three projectors, whereas the other exhibits at the centre use 15.6-inch and 32-inch LCDs to aid interpretation.


The new Stonehenge Visitor Centre provides guests with an exciting opportunity to see the stones throughout all seasons and decades and gain a greater insight into their existence.

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