Brooklyn Botanical Garden

September 25, 2019 Emma Shipp

Creating  a multi-sensory window on the sights, sounds and fragrances of an amazing garden.

New York City


Brooklyn Botanical Garden is an extraordinary green space in New York City. It covers more than 50 acres and features more than 12,000 types of plants. That’s a feast for the senses, but where do you start if you’re visiting and what’s currently in season? Orientation and education would be essential to create the best visitor experience. To help visitors find their way round, the designers wanted to create an interactive map as part of a large glass ‘window into the garden’. While the position was relevant, it created potential viewing problems because of the high levels of ambient light. A garden like this touches many senses and the organizers wanted to capture the experience in the visitor center to make visitors aware of what they would find. The aim was to create an immersive, interactive experience that would feature sights, sounds and fragrances from the garden. 

Interactive displays give visitors an educational, multisensory preview of the gardens before they enter. 


Interactive displays provide visitors with information on the most important plants to be found in the garden. The most innovative displays are known as ‘peek-a-boo’ tables. Touching and lifting three-dimensional images of birds and plants reveals short educational videos about the species. By touching other buttons, visitors can also experience sounds and fragrances. The system is designed for easy updating to present changing seasonal information. 


Brooklyn Botanical Garden attracts more than 725,000 visitors a year and is a popular destination for both residents, tourists and horticulturalists. The interactive audiovisual elements blend seamlessly with the unique architecture and landscape of the visitor center giving visitors an informative, inspiring window on the gardens. The displays enhance the visitor experience by helping people understand the collections and choose the best routes for the changing seasons. 

"Electrosonic was wonderful - very attentive, very knowledgeable and willing to help. Everyone was great." - Sonal Bhatt, Director of Interpretation and ExhibitionsBrooklyn Botanic Garden

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