September 12, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Telling the compelling story of extraordinary biodiversity in one of the world’s most iconic museums.

Armador Causeway, Panama


Create an audiovisual experience in a building where none of the projection surfaces are parallel or perpendicular — an interesting challenge for a project team. The building in question is the Biomuseo located by the entrance to the Panama Canal and designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It’s described as ‘boisterous and curvaceous like a piece of California funk art from the 1960s.’

This unique museum is designed to showcase Panama’s extraordinary biodiversity in eight immersive galleries. The audiovisual systems required considerable customization to display correctly in the unusual viewing environment. Panamarama, for example, is a cube-shaped space where ten screens on all sides above and below a glass ceiling and floor immerse visitors. In the Gallery of Biodiversity, the owners wanted to create a flexible display that would capture visitors’ attention straight away, using a nine panel custom LCD screen that could display individual imagery or create a single large-scale panoramic experience.

No optical illusion — screens at many different angles surround visitors to create an immersive experience of Panama’s biodiversity.


Working hand in hand with Richard Lewis Media Group (RLMG) Electrosonic was tasked with creating an audiovisual solution that works effectively within the challenging environment using standard projectors with custom mirror bounce mechanisms to correct image display. An immersive display in the Worlds Collide gallery integrates interactive displays with the architecture of the gallery and lifesize models of creatures from 3 million years ago. The audio system is designed for flexible distribution of content across the entire museum or direct to specific exhibits.


Biomuseo is recognized as one of the most unique museums in the world and is a major award-winning tourist destination for the region attracting thousands of visitors every year. The immersive interactive displays tell the story of Panama’s extraordinary biodiversity in a compelling way, fusing technology, architecture and storytelling to explain and illustrate the explosion of life that took place in the area millions of years ago.

"Down the line, the museum will have an economic impact and it will be a source of pride. It will show that we Panamanians can build—and can have a project—with world standards." - Pilar Arosemena de Alemán, President of Fundación Amador

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