The Spectacle, MGM Cotai

September 25, 2019 Emma Shipp

Imagination, creativity and technology are helping to create the most innovative integrated resort in the world. 

Macau, China


Electrosonic has delivered a mind-blowing guest experience for visitors to one of the greatest resorts in the world - the luxury $3.4 billion MGM Cotai resort in Macau, China. MGM Cotai is taking the hospitality industry by storm. It’s the Las Vegas experience on steroids – 100 times stronger - and innovative technology is driving it. MGM Cotai aims to become the most innovative integrated resort in the world by redefining the way people experience entertainment and art. At its heart is ‘the Spectacle’, a stunning atrium that boasts the world’s largest free-span gridshell glazed roof, which won an architectural and structural Guinness World Record for the city. It also features the world’s largest area of permanent indoor LED screens, creatively staged around the MGM Cotai atrium. It’s truly spectacular - 25 LED walls capable of displaying images over four stories high. 

To make the most of this extraordinary space, Electrosonic developed an immersive, innovative multisensory experience that captures natural wonders with the latest technology. 
The screens showcase an exclusive, inspirational array of digital art from around the world created by renowned artists and photographers. This breathtaking digital canvas displays a collage of changing digital art images to create a reflective space that is mesmerizing, whimsical and entertaining — a truly inspiring experience for visitors. The digital experience complements MGM Cotai’s unique permanent collection of over 300 pieces of contemporary art that bridge the creative traditions of East and West. Together, the exhibits link art and technology in a stunning immersive experience that reflects the high quality and aspirations of the MGM Cotai brand. The resort is also home to the 2000 seater MGM Dynamic Theater, a first for Asia which boasts the world’s largest indoor ultra high-definition LED screen. Quality, luxury and innovation combine to showcase the future of entertainment experience.

Stunning images created by the world’s leading photographers and artists engage and retain visitors with a dynamic virtual art collection.  


Become number one in the world! MGM Cotai’s aimed to create the ultimate guest experience through innovative technology. The owners wanted to use the unique opportunities offered by the massive glazed area, giant external video walls and LED screens stretching over 1000 meters. It had to make a bold statement to visitors in the atrium — and people passing by. 

The digital art experience in the Spectacle represents a type of space that had never been created before. It required innovation and an integrated approach to solve complex technical and creative audiovisual challenges. The aim was to integrate the audiovisual solution with the unique architecture of the Spectacle so that the experience becomes an integral part of the space. It had to look great in any light conditions but optimizing image quality in the variable light conditions of this environment posed significant technical challenges. The complexity of the space made it essential to identify and resolve the technical challenges of the environment at the early conceptual stage and ensure the strategy was consistent throughout the detailed design and build phases. 


Electrosonic delivered fifteen equipment racks for video, two audio racks, one theater show control rack, over one hundred amplifiers supporting audio across the property and twenty-five LED screens. The result is a groundbreaking solution that was a year ahead of anything else on the market in terms of innovation and technology. To support the experience, we flew MGM employees from Macau to Burbank for 2 weeks of in-depth training.


The quality of the imagery and the advanced technology behind it blend perfectly with the luxury of the resort’s architecture and decor, giving it a powerful differentiator in the growing market for Chinese tourism. It makes the ultimate style statement to the world with every detail of the five-star luxury resort unified to create an inspiring image of passion and artistry that reinforces the MGM Cotai brand. 

"Everyone wants to know what is ‘the Spectacle?’ It’s a digital canvas, a reflective space. It’s mesmerising, whimsical and entertaining. You really have to see with your own eyes to understand it." - Grant Bowie, CEO and Executive DirectorMGM China Holdings

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