The Ahmed Al Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition

June 5, 2018

Bring visitors up close and personal with the mind of a genius.


Oil is vital to modern economies, but is its story really important to a wider audience? That was the challenge facing Kuwait Oil Company — creating a visitor experience that would be entertaining, engaging and informative for an audience as diverse as heads of state, policy makers and schoolchildren. The Ahmed Al Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition team saw technology as the key. They wanted to bring together interactive, multimedia and immersive technologies to create a world-class experience that would demonstrate the power and importance of this precious resource.

One of the most complex exhibits was ‘Heroes of Fire’ a panoramic experience that synchronized motion, special lighting effects, real fire, smoke, video and dramatic audio in an emotional recreation of efforts to cap burning oil wells during the Gulf War. In ‘Meet the Experts’ interactivity was essential to customize content as a way of encouraging younger visitors to consider careers in oil.

Pyrotechnics and special effects capture the emotion and danger experienced by the ‘Heroes of Fire.’


Electrosonic worked with BECK and Event Communications from initial design through commissioning and installation. Many exhibits are synchronized, enabling visitors to personalize access to detailed content relevant to their interests. Interactivity and audio combine in a map of Kuwait where visitors can hear soundbites about areas of interest in the country. People considering a career in oil can assess their potential in a series of interactive challenges.


The exhibition plays an important role in fostering understanding of oil and its importance. It also meets the goal of encouraging young people to consider a career in the industry. The exhibition is a world-class attraction and one of the most important venues in the region. It has played host to heads of state, diplomats and politicians as well as appealing to students, families and oil industry professionals.

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