Repsol Sinopec Resources UK

July 19, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Integrated Operations Center improves the cost and efficiency of monitoring offshore oil and gas assets


Repsol Sinopec Resources UK is an offshore oil and gas exploration and production company operating on the UK Continental Shelf. To maximize efficiency and production levels - without compromising on the quality of products and services and Health, Safety and the environment - the company must continuously monitor and maintain assets located in a hostile offshore environment.

Traditionally, responsibility for monitoring and incident response had been split between onshore control room operators and staff based on the assets. That made effective communication, collaboration, and control essential, but challenging. The company wanted to take advantage of improved communications and networking technologies to move control and monitoring operations from multiple remote assets into onshore control centers. The aim was to leave only essential personnel on the assets, reduce logistics costs, and create a safer working environment. The company also wanted to leverage the vast volumes of operational data from the field to minimize downtime by improving planning, forecasting, and incident response and developing proactive maintenance routines to mitigate future risks.

The aim was to leave only essential personnel on the assets, reduce logistics costs, and create a safer working environment. 


To streamline monitoring and control Electrosonic designed, commissioned and installed an ‘Integrated Operations Center’ with a communication bridge to interconnect different technologies. Remote monitoring and diagnostics reduce local resource requirements and provide operators with real-time data to make better decisions quickly. Onshore teams provide full operational support to remote assets with 4G technology enabling constant collaboration and data exchange. Proactive monitoring and break-fix maintenance ensure 24x7 availability.


The Integrated Operations Center has made a significant contribution to increased production efficiency and lower operational costs. Field teams now have constant access to control room staff for incident alerts or status updates. Control room staff can quickly identify or forecast potential issues, speeding up response, and minimizing expensive downtime and business impact. More straightforward control also improves asset performance and life and assures regulatory compliance. The Center removes distance as a barrier by using remote monitoring and diagnostics to reduce local resource requirements.

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