Northland Church

August 6, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Audiovisual elements help a church spread the Word and share its message with a worldwide congregation

Longwood, Florida


Spread the Word! That’s the mission of Northland, ‘A Church Distributed’. This non-denominational church streams services online to worshippers in locations across Florida and worldwide. Its base is Longwood, Florida where 3000 local people can now join the global congregation in a purpose-built sanctuary. That’s double the number of people who could worship in the previous location, a converted skating rink.

Audiovisual plays a central role in the church’s mission. It’s a sophisticated operation with large projection screens, multiple projectors and theater-like control room with mixing equipment for audio, video, lighting and content distribution. However, integration proved a complex challenge, bringing together new systems with equipment from the original location. The team also wanted to optimize acoustics throughout a site that mixed live performance and broadcasts with activities in classrooms, offices and a day-care center. They wanted the best audio quality — and the flexibility to change acoustics instantly for different scenarios.

Audio, video and live performances come together in an inspiring experience for an online congregation.


Electrosonic completed what the Project Manager called ‘the mammoth audiovisual integration job’ needed to realize the church’s vision so that everything could be monitored and controlled from the broadcast control room. To optimize audio, a turnkey system based on Meyer Sound Laboratories’ Variable Room Acoustical System technology enables instant acoustical changes. Touchscreens around the site give users the flexibility to adjust the volume of background audio.


Northland Church is now a stronger position to meet its role as ‘A Church Distributed’. A fully integrated audiovisual system and flexible, optimized audio ensures high-quality services for the local and global congregations. Bringing together worshippers, speakers, singers and musicians from many locations shows the value of audiovisual in spreading and sharing the church’s message with the world. This is missionary work for the audiovisual age.

"Electrosonic did more than just support us in design and integration of this project. They really worked with us as a partner from the beginning. Northland is very visionary in their thinking and it was a huge asset to have Electrosonic there to grasp and execute that vision." - Bettina Buckley, CEO WOW!Works

Download a full version of this project profile here.

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