NHL Seattle Preview Center

August 6, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Bringing the vision of a new era in Seattle’s hockey tradition to life

Seattle, Washington


As part of their planned return to top-level ice hockey in the 2021/22 season, NHL Seattle is building a new arena. The arena’s Preview Center is designed to build engagement with fans and sponsors during the transition. The aim is to build awareness and anticipation as construction on the arena moves towards its planned completion in fall 2021.

The owners decided to utilize new technological integrations - their vision, to develop the most engaging fan experience within the NHL (National Hockey League). Their strategy was a customer journey that would tell the story of the city’s rich hockey heritage and its new relationship with the NHL. Commercial considerations were also key with sponsor and fan commitment as the endgame. Balancing past and future was no mean task, particularly with an arena that was an evolving construction site. Technology combined with models and live presentations would play a key role in communicating vision - and reality.

Powerful audio and inspirational videos engage visitors with an immersive experience that builds excitement and anticipation.


Technology, storytelling and interactive elements come together in a journey that leads visitors through the space in a controlled way. Designed by Hornall Anderson, Electrosonic was brought in to deliver powerful audio and inspirational video elements to engage visitors with an immersive experience that builds excitement and anticipation. Projectors and a 3D scale model of the arena bring the future to life. And, for potential big spenders, technology simulates sponsorship and luxury seating opportunities for the upcoming hockey season.


NHL Seattle now has a powerful, engaging Preview Center to showcase their new arena and make progress on their commercial targets. By identifying crucial story elements and integrating technology with storytelling, the solution has realized the client’s vision with real impact on the guest experience. As arena construction progresses, the solution is flexible enough to adapt to changing realities on the ground. One step closer to face-off!

"I’m excited for the chance to combine two of my passions in life, hockey and connecting people through technology. We have an enormous opportunity to shape a new technology experience for our fans and our hockey operations. NHL Seattle is committed to building a world-class organization with our fans being at the center of it all." - Todd Humphrey, Senior Vice President of Digital and Fan Experience, Seattle Hockey Partners (NHL Seattle)

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