Mascot Hall of Fame

July 22, 2019 Emma Shipp

Turning an unlikely concept into a winning formula

Whiting, Indiana


A Mascot Hall of Fame — why you might ask? In Whiting, Indiana? Where! That’s the next question. Mascots are fun, but the supporters who cheer them are usually very tribal. We only care about our team! So how do you get people and one-team sports fans to visit a museum full of other teams’ mascots? And Whiting? As one commentator put it, “Indiana is a drive-thru, not a destination.” A double challenge. But, the organizers felt that a Mascot Hall of Fame might just prove unusual enough to entice visitors.

The foundation already existed in the form of a virtual museum online. Translating that into a physical space was a whole new ballgame. Just displaying a collection of mascots could prove interesting, but engaging people – especially families and the wider community – and bringing them back was a bigger challenge. Technology would have to join in the fun – create a winning experience.


Designed by world class design firm Jack Rouse Associates (JRA) this is an interactive museum that combines mascot-themed exhibits with engaging activities that feature educational content based around science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Visitors can use interactive facilities to design their own mascots or learn about the history of mascots in sport. To widen interest among mascot professionals, the organizers plan induction weekends and boot camps. Truly, a multimedia experience.

Storytelling, technology and interaction have turned an unusual concept into an unlikely success story.


The unusual nature of the museum meant it had to go beyond the average display. It had to be different — surprise visitors with the extraordinary and engage them. The museum also maintains year-round interest by integrating technology, physical displays, regular new inductions to refresh the displays and themed events. Storytelling, technology and interaction have turned an unusual concept into an unlikely success story.

"As a well-rounded sports fan or future great sports fan, you will want to add this stop to your sports resume. This is a fun time for people from 1 to 100! It’s a very interactive museum, colorful, vibrant and just plain fun." - Visitor Review, Mascot Hall of Fame

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