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November 6, 2019 Emma Shipp

Supporting a leading global company with media production and communication solutions. 

Global Locations


Our client operates in a 24-hour global marketplace, and their communication and collaboration systems must be available round the clock – that’s the challenge facing a leading Financial Services with 130,000 employees in 50 countries. Efficient reliable collaboration is paramount to keep its multinational teams in day-to-day contact, and to keep potentially big travel budgets to a minimum. As a technology-led company, our client, aims to ensure its audiovisual and collaboration solutions stay ahead of the game.

In the UK, this leading global Financial Services player operates across nine sites where audiovisual performance is critical. In the US, there are two key sites. Electrosonic has dedicated
teams at all sites with 57 specialists working on-site the UK and 31 in the US. This organization works with Electrosonic’s dedicated managed services teams in the UK and US to ensure its audiovisual systems are always serviced. Electrosonic also provides a range of related services such as internal, external and VIP event coordination, IT engineering, digital signage and audiovisual infrastructure support.  

In recent years, Electrosonic’s contribution has widened to include professional media and content production, which is helping improve the quality and quantity of internal and external communications. Electrosonic specialists from a media background help employee produce videos, animations and webcasts for employee meetings, product launches, training, event coverage and how-to guides. 

The scale, diversity and geographical spread of support requirements means a strong management and reporting infrastructure is needed to keep key decision makers informed in order to plan for continuous improvement. 

Electrosonic has partnered with this company since 2002 and the scale of the service has grown from four technicians to the current team of almost 90 with a service portfolio that continues to expand. 

Managed services keep this leading Financial Services companies’ communication systems operating reliably 24x7. 


Keeping audiovisual systems available is a major challenge with a large diverse estate across many sites and a big user base with widely differing experience levels. The aim is to ensure users throughout the organization receive a consistent, high-quality experience, so adoption and usage levels remain high while providing the best return on investment. Proactive maintenance and 24-hour monitoring help maintain reliability, and in addition, the team also must respond rapidly to incidents and inquiries. With some 800-900 UK support tickets a month and 1500 webcasts annually, helpdesk efficiency is essential. 

With annual production of 400 videos, the cost of hiring outside production companies would have been excessive. Recognizing the need to improve the quality of media and content production enhances communications and achieves professional content standards. Our aim was to enable employees’ access to media support professional media production support for both content and events. 


Managed service is part of a seamless end-to-end service. Electrosonic has planned, designed and deployed easy-to-use audiovisual systems, trained users as well as providing ongoing support. This ensures meetings and events run smoothly, with rich internally-produced content improving communication and collaboration quality. Proactive monitoring and maintenance keep downtime to a minimum and ensure employees anywhere in the world can collaborate effectively.


As this leading Financial Service company continues to grow, Electrosonic’s understands the needs and challenges that the evolving audiovisual landscape brings. A highly skilled and efficient audiovisual and media production team reduces costs, allows for flexibility, and increases high-quality content production. Close working relationships have enabled knowledge and skills transfer as well as introducing a self-service model for users. 

"Just wanted to say thank you once again for your assistance with my session today and your continued ability to fix all of my session issues almost immediately. Much appreciated your diligence and ability to predict what support I need and check in before I realize and assist with the many teams I have to contact. Thanks for always going above and beyond." - Analyst, Global Financial Crime Education & Training Team

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