Kuwait Mall

January 23, 2018

Technology raises the retail bar with unique memorable experiences in a luxury family entertainment center


Tamdeen Shopping Centers, owners of Kuwait’s 360 Mall, had an ambitious goal — create a world-class leisure venue that represents the future of luxury shopping. Working with Tamdeen Entertainment Company and Concept i Design, Electrosonic developed and delivered a unique entertainment experience to make every visit memorable and engaging. The 82,000 square meter complex features seven different experience zones complementing stores offering more than one hundred and thirty luxury brands. Electrosonic was responsible for three of the zones.

In the Infunity zone, the emphasis is on fun driven by technology. Sixty seven LED fixtures create color changes to generate excitement while two custom video walls display abstract color imagery using 5000 LED ‘pucks’. Smoke and snow machines and strobe lighting build up the atmosphere around climbing frames and roller coaster rides and in a play area Gesture Tek technology lets children interact with images of balloons and swimming fish. Kuwait’s largest video wall displays advertising and information as well as live feeds from major global sporting events.

The Bowl Room features nine custom fiber-optic chandeliers creating a dazzling effect for visitors with table controls that enable diners to use the displays to attract waiters. A low-resolution image wall enhances the tone even further with stunning visual effects and color changes. Even the bowling lanes create an imaginative spectacle with Pulsar LED fixtures. In the Freeze Club arcade, a laser system recreates the Aurora Borealis on a domed ceiling in a unique Arctic environment. The arcade is a major attraction for Kuwait’s teens and advertisers can communicate with them through 15 LCD digital signage systems. An interactive video wall featuring Gesture Tek cameras and tracking systems enables visitors to interact with the content. A low-resolution image wall equipped with 2000 meters of LEDs surrounds the room and displays graphics and abstract patterns.


The owners of 360 Mall wanted to create a unique experience that would take full advantage of interactivity and innovative lighting and presentation techniques. The displays had to be fun and imaginative but they also had to appeal to visitors of all ages and interests; and they had to offer an experience that would keep visitors coming back. While the focus was on interaction and dynamic content with gesture-activated displays and lighting effects, the installations had to ensure reliable operation, long service life and low cost of ownership. A number of the installations presented technical challenges. Custom chandeliers in the Bowl Room required 3500 strands of color-changing fiber; Gesture Tek technology was widely used to support interactivity and isolated audio zones let customers plug in their own iPods to hear their choice of music. Sophisticated control systems and media players were required to manage the diverse dynamic content throughout the massive complex.

The future of luxury family entertainment, with unique, interactive experiences that keep bringing visitors back.


Electrosonic designed, supplied, installed and programmed LED lighting, digital signage, video projection, special effects, audio and show control. The engineering and installation team worked with local labor resources to create a dynamic, exciting interactive environment that proved engaging for visitors of all ages. Professional, best-in-class equipment was selected to ensure long, reliable operation with simple control and minimal maintenance requirements to ensure low cost of ownership.


360 Mall has set a new benchmark and raised the bar for luxury retail and entertainment venues in Kuwait where customers expect only the best. It reflects the owners’ demands that no effort should be spared to create a unique, engaging environment and an exceptional shopping and entertainment experience. 360 Mall has won Retail and Leisure International’s coveted International Shopping Centre of the Year Award, which recognizes the most exciting, imaginative and innovative retail and leisure projects and concepts across the globe.

"Malls are not just destinations for shopping; they must offer a unique experience. 360 Mall integrates luxury retail, leisure and cutting edge entertainment positioning 360 Mall as the premier luxury shopping experience in Kuwait." - Marzouq Al Marzouq, Chairman of Tamdeen Shopping Centers

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