Ferrari World

August 6, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Bringing the legend of Ferrari to life with technology that engages all the senses

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a unique, thrilling experience where visitors can almost smell the burning rubber on the racetrack and sense the tension on the grid or in the pit lane. But, visitors don’t have to be ‘petrolheads’ — this theme park has something for everyone. There are 4-D fantasy races for children, rarely seen archive footage of the Ferrari story and a multimedia ride in the fast lane with legendary drivers past and present. So, it’s no surprise that Ferrari World attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

Technology has played a big role in recreating a legend that’s grown over almost a century. It brings to life the passion and excitement of Enzo Ferrari in the 1920s — the first stirrings of the global phenomenon that is Formula 1. Fast forward to the inside track on the dominance of modern drivers like Nicky Lauder or Michael Schumacher. Or how about an exclusive factory tour to see what it takes to create the Ferrari GT?

And, on race days, what better place to experience a live broadcast of the latest F1 event surrounded by the legends.

Those are just some of the twenty attractions on show at Ferrari World. Here, technology plays a key role in engaging all the senses. In the ‘Speed of Magic’, visitors experience reallife extremes of temperature, moisture, light and movement. Nothing is left to the imagination as video, audio, lighting and special effects come together to deliver the WOW factor. Same goes for the ‘dark rides’. Ghost effects, projection on multiple surfaces, dome projection, multi-projector edge blend, video and audio create an experience that is truly immersive.

All this comes together in an unforgettable multimedia experience that tells the Ferrari story in a whole new light. A legendary experience for a legendary marque.


How to create a unique branded experience that would be the largest of its kind in the Middle East? And, how to use the latest technology to tell one of the oldest stories in motorsport - a brand that was over 100 years old. A static, museum-like exhibition would not communicate the values of Ferrari, a brand that is the essence of speed, excitement, noise, extreme conditions and dynamic progress. So Ferrari World is a theme park where visitors come to experience life at the edge - fast, loud and dangerous.

Bringing together the technology for an experience on such a vast scale is a daunting task. Many different technologies have to come together to create multimedia rides and displays that put the visitor in the driving seat. The challenge was to bring the creative vision from concept to reality by fusing technology and storytelling. But the technology had to be invisible and the team had to make the show easy to control across more than 40 zones on the site. Technology had to capture the imagination of visitors of very age.

Nothing is left to the imagination as video, audio, lighting and special effects come together to deliver the WOW factor.


This project took over two years to complete. Electrosonic played a key role taking responsibility for the technical design and implementation of the audio, video and show control systems that support the show environment. The results are stunning. But, with such a large media estate, training and support were also vital. To simplify the task, rigorous design guidelines ensured consistent performance and reduced maintenance costs.


Ferrari World sets the standard for themed attractions in the area, but its appeal is global. It uses innovative technology integrations to take visitors beyond mere simulations for a fully immersive real-life experience of the thrills and excitement of top-level motorsport. Visitors expect excellence from the legend of Ferrari and this experience delivers. A fitting tribute to a brand that has set the pace for over a century.

"I personally feel that there is nothing more rewarding than watching people’s reactions as they experience the rides for the first time." - Andy Keeling, Park Manager of Ferrari World

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