Cox Discovery Center

August 6, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Cox Discovery Center, creating a beacon of pride and diversity to celebrate the achievements of a global workforce

Atlanta, Georgia


When you’re a global player in communications and media, a corporate museum is an excellent opportunity to showcase leadership in technology and the expertise of your workforce. That made innovation and cutting-edge technology a priority for the team developing the Cox Discovery Center. They wanted to celebrate the achievements of the company’s 60,000-strong global community — but not through traditional static displays.

The team decided to communicate the company’s values as well as its achievements through a fusion of technology and storytelling. Moreover, the storytellers would be the people — employees from around the world, giving a personal perspective on the company’s past and its future. That story was relevant and motivating for employees. It also had to be engaging for customers and other visitors. The goal was a holistic, interactive environment that would involve, inspire, and delight every visitor — an experience that would stand out as a beacon of pride and diversity.

Media walls pull guests in to teach them about the history and impact of Cox around the world.


This innovative center transforms company history into a ‘gathering place.’ It captures timeless corporate values through bold animated beacons, interactive architectural forms, and living conversations. This dynamic space celebrates the accomplishments and community of Cox Enterprises with real conversations and stories contributed by employees. The technology exceeds expectations with responsive media and motion-sensitive architectural forms that reveal new layers of information as visitors move closer.


The Cox Discovery Center has achieved its goal as a showcase for technology and people. It engages visitors and helps build dialog that creates great relationships. It’s an inspiration for employees, too, connecting them with colleagues around the globe. They are part of the space, and that builds a great sense of community. Unlike traditional museums, this award-winning Discovery Center signposts the future in breathtaking style.

"The Cox Discovery Center turns a century of company history into a gathering place that expresses Cox’s core values and purpose and creates a living conversation driven by employee contributions." - Second Story, Experiential Design Studio

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