Emma Shipp

  • Leading Global Financial Institution

    Leading Global Financial Institution

    Supporting a leading global company with media production and communication solutions.

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  • Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

    Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

    Innovative interactive technology and event spaces showcase the future of healthcare.

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  • Parlamentarium


    Immersive, interactive technology turns day-to-day politics into an engaging digital experience for the European Parliament.

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  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden

    Brooklyn Botanical Garden

    Creating a multi-sensory window on the sights, sounds and fragrances of an amazing garden.

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  • MGM Cotai Dynamic Theater

    MGM Cotai Dynamic Theater

    Innovative technology creates a dynamic world-leading space that redefines the way people experience entertainment.

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  • The Spectacle, MGM Cotai

    The Spectacle, MGM Cotai

    Imagination, creativity and technology are helping to create the most innovative integrated resort in the world.

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  • International Spy Museum

    International Spy Museum

    Technology uncovers the tradecraft, tools and impact of espionage through interactive experiences in a real spy role.

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  • National Comedy Center

    National Comedy Center

    So, why did the chicken cross the road? Living in Jamestown, it was probably heading for the National Comedy Center to find out why chickens are the butt of so many jokes.

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  • Museum of the Bible

    Museum of the Bible

    Hollywood called it ‘the greatest story ever told’ in their portrayal of the New Testament — the Museum of the Bible goes further to tell the whole story in a museum of biblical proportions.

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  • Mascot Hall of Fame

    Mascot Hall of Fame

    A Mascot Hall of Fame — why you might ask? In Whiting, Indiana? Where! That’s the next question. Mascots are fun, but the supporters who cheer them are usually very tribal.

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