The Marvel Experience

January 23, 2018

Immersive technology brings iconic brands to life in an experience that transforms themed entertainment.


Join Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers against the forces of evil. Climb vertical treadmills with Spiderman. Mimic the gestures of popular Superheroes. Does this sound like kids’ stuff? It may be, but it’s proving big business for Hero Ventures and it’s creating an entirely new form of entertainment experience for audiences of all ages. The Marvel Experience takes the theme park model and elevates it to new levels with amazing multimedia technology and an opportunity for fans to participate with their heroes in a creative, highly immersive experience. Hero Ventures set out to build something unprecedented — an experience that would transform the entertainment industry. Fans don’t watch, they become part of the action in a seamless narrative journey. It isn’t just the concept that’s different. Hero Ventures decided that this would be an international touring show, using custombuilt mobile inflatable domes rather than traditional venues.

To achieve that ambitious aim, the company brought together what it described as the best creative and business minds in animation, cutting-edge technology and live experiential events to create an unparalleled themed attraction. Electrosonic was involved from the outset providing audio, projection and interactive solutions plus invaluable expertise and experience in dealing with the technical challenges of experiential technology in inflatable domes. The Marvel Experience takes visitors on a personal journey of adventure through the multi-dome complex which covers almost 80,000 square feet – the equivalent of two football pitches. The main dome is a ‘command center’ and visitors follow a story through six other connected domes. On the journey they can experience 4D motion rides, exclusive 3D animated features, virtual reality, holographic simulations and dynamic interactive activities. The emphasis is on participation at every stage of the journey and technology delivers the exciting, engaging experience in new and unprecedented ways.


The Marvel Experience is no ordinary exhibition. The organizers set out to be different, positioning the show as the world’s first hyper-reality tour. Super Heroes recruit visitors in a race against time and the technology has to involve them throughout the journey. To inject realism, the designers required augmented reality so that visitors could mimic the gestures of their heroes as they progress through the journey. On another stage of the journey, the challenge was to recreate the experience of climbing with Spider-Man100 stories above ground. Interactivity was essential throughout so that fans could hone their skills on a  training ship or show artistic talents by creating their own motion comic strips.

The mobile environment provided its own technical challenges. Production values had to be high with 3D 360⁰ stereoscopic projection, virtual reality and multiple interactive stations operating within the curved surfaces of inflatable domes. The entire audiovisual system had to be designed and tested for fast easy installation and dismantling as the show moved between venues.

Visitors join the Super Heroes on an amazing experiential comic strip adventure to fight the forces of evil.


The Motion Comics Gallery features monitors overlaid with touchscreens while all-in-one touchscreen PCs let visitors design their own stories. In Swing with Spider-Man, visitors climb vertical treadmills with projectors creating dizzy sensations of height. Interactive displays, custom gaming computers and motion tracking technologies enable visitors to participate with Super Heroes on vertically hung monitors. Augmented reality, multiple touch tables and monitors integrated with sets help train ‘recruits.’


The winning combination of iconic Super Hero brands, state-of-the-art interactive technology, high production values and an immersive personal journey takes themed entertainment into new territory. Although the venue is not permanent, visitors experience the same audiovisual quality they expect in a traditional venue. The Marvel Experience has toured extensively in the USA and internationally, demonstrating that this groundbreaking new form of entertainment can be highly successful.

"We expect The Marvel Experience to be transformative for the entertainment industry. The combination of our unique touring business model along with our creative elements, including our motion ride, next generation immersive elements, 3D movie shorts and so much more, all with the incredibly valuable Marvel superhero characters, has put us in a position to succeed on a grand scale." - Rich Licht, Chief Executive Officer, Hero Ventures

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