AT&T Dolphin Tales at Georgia Aquarium

January 23, 2018

Spectacular audiovisual, live performance and talented dolphins combine to bring imagination to life at the world’s biggest aquarium.


AT&T Dolphin Tales represented the biggest expansion to date for the world’s largest aquarium and demonstrated its commitment to educating the public about marine mammals. The immersive, multisensory theatrical performance brings together the talents of dolphins, live actors, dramatic costuming and amazing audiovisual effects. The aim — to create a unique memorable experience that would set new standards for live theatrical entertainment. The ambitious performance required complex show-controlled equipment and events, pre-recorded multi-track audio and video playback integrated with live performance against a backdrop of digitally-projected sets and a high-quality multi-channel audio system. Video, graphics and special lighting effects had to be projected onto tall complex curved screens shaped like dolphin tales. The audio control console was designed to manage a 7.1 surround-sound system with onboard snapshot automation for actors’ audio information. Waterproofing was essential — audiovisual and control systems had to be protected against the corrosive saline environment. 

Giant curved screens provide a visually-inspiring backdrop to create different moods and enhance the audience experience. 


Partnering with WOW!Works, Electrosonic designed, engineered, installed and integrated all audiovisual and control systems. The large complex control room incorporates and protects all control, audio, projection and show management systems. Seven edge-blended projectors handle content for the complex arrangement of screens which are speciallycoated to ensure image quality. Media servers handle playback and content masking. Electrosonic also installed a videowall and audio system for the dolphin gallery.


The spectacular show provides visitors with an immersive multisensory experience that brings together many aspects of live theatrical performance and innovative audiovisual. As well as entertaining visitors, Dolphin Tales also plays a major educational role. The venue has become one of Atlanta’s major tourist destinations. It has attracted over a million visitors and was awarded Best Entertainment/Arts AV Installation in the Pro AV Spotlight Awards.

"The new gallery and show is an important addition and expansion of Georgia Aquarium’s focus on the care of marine mammals. AT&T Dolphin Tales represents nothing less than the next level of engaging the public to care about these animals."David Kimmel, President and Chief Operating Officer Georgia Aquarium

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