Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX

July 19, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Passenger-friendly terminals and conveniences are all ‘must haves’ as airports around the world compete for the economic vitality that world-class airports create

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California


The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX is one of the world’s busiest airports. Moreover, for some nine million travelers a year, it’s the first and last impression of Los Angeles. Like other international airports, LAX understands the importance of exceptional passenger experience.

This terminal has taken the traveler’s experience to new levels with an Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS). It’s also proving to be a great ROI for LAX airport.

The IEMS sets new standards for airport media systems with an integrated environmental experience based on intelligence from live data. Seven digital media features integrated into the architecture of the terminal provide passengers with entertainment and essential information.

Each feature enhances a different aspect of the arrival or departure experience.

Just arriving? A massive Welcome Wall displays scenes of greeting and stunning visuals to refresh passengers. Departing soon? The Bon Voyage Wall provides a unique send-off with images expressing LA’s diversity, creativity and energy. Waiting for a flight? A 72-feet high Time Tower entertains and informs with content exploring time as part of the travel experience. Thinking of far-away places? A 120-feet-long Story Board displays content based on the art and cultural traditions of destination cities around the world.

It’s not just a great passenger experience. From a technical perspective, the IEMS has broken new ground. It’s the first full integration of broadcast audiovisual, enterprise-grade information technologies and show-control technologies to manage interactive data-driven content across multiple systems and platforms. Alternatively, how about a universal world clock creating a three-dimensional representation of 24 world time zones? Add the first flight arrival and departure information linked to dynamic real-time multimedia content. The IEMS has it all, so it’s no surprise to hear rumors of visitors buying plane tickets to enjoy the experience!


The airport operators wanted to retain their position as the premier US West Coast international gateway. An excellent passenger experience was essential, not just for the airport but for the city as a whole — it had to make passengers want to return. The vision for this exceptional experience had to draw on many different disciplines – designers, architects, content producers, display vendors all working together. The challenge was to take many creative visions from concept to reality by fusing technology, architecture and storytelling.

Here technology is the differentiating overlay to space, architectural elements and the content of the story that is being told. However, with so many potential industry firsts in the vision, it would take careful coordination and communication to achieve to create a successful integrated solution. Attention to detail and time management were essential at every level. The project was further complicated by the need to minimize disruption and maintain absolute security in a busy public space. The project team had to integrate a series of sophisticated multimedia features and systems into the airport’s operations and security processes and systems.

The four-sided Time Tower is built around the elevator tower and is designed to explore time as part of the travel experience.


This complex project took over two years to complete. All of the media features were custom-designed to realize individual creative visions within an overall integrated framework. Here, Electrosonic played a central role in coordinating the different disciplines as well as carrying out detailed engineering and system integration. The results are stunning, creating a world-class experience that integrates with the terminal’s passenger presence and exceeds all expectations.


The IEMS has given passengers in the Tom Bradley International Terminal “the first-class experience” – and the WOW factor - they expect from a world-class city like Los Angeles. It is one of the many ‘must-have’ features that international airports must have if they are to attract airlines and passengers. The IEMS has also provided a new revenue stream for the airport by offering sponsorship opportunities on the installation.

"The Tom Bradley International Terminal is the first and last impression nine million travelers have of Los Angeles, giving them the first-class airport experience they expect from a world-class city." -Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor of Los Angeles

Download a copy of this case study here.

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