Display Takeaways from ISE 2019

February 14, 2019 Editorial Team

Last week the eyes of much of the audiovisual industry were on the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2019) show held in Amsterdam.  The ISE show has become an event during which vendors announce new products and technologies designed to enhance immersive experiences.

With over 1,200 exhibitors, there’s no way to report on even a fraction of the impressive displays shown at ISE 2019. But here are a few we think were significant:

  • LG – LG wowed show attendees with their organic light emitting device (OLED) waterfall display. This incredible display was 20 feet high and 65 feet in which, comprising 260 screens. Some of the panels were flat and others curved, creating a massive wave far above the heads of visitors. Since OLED pixels are self-illuminating, there is no need for a backlighting layer, making the surface thinner and easier to curve.


  • Optoma – Optoma displayed its expanding range of visual display technology at the show. Technology on hand included innovative all-in-one LED display solutions, professional 4K UHD projectors, and interactive flat panels. Their latest 4K UHD DuraCore laser phosphor professional projectors provide for more flexible installation, greater brightness and more vivid colors. These capabilities were displayed in an immersive trampoline game ISE attendees could experience for themselves.


  • DVIGear – DVIGear introduced its latest Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) distribution platform. SDVoE allows for the use of existing Ethernet switches for professional AV needs, increasing the flexibility and scalability of network architecture. The DisplayNet DN-200 series uses SDVoE to distribute uncompressed AV signals with resolutions up to 4K /60p over a 10GbE Ethernet network. Visitors to the DVIGear booth at ISE 2109 had a chance to enjoy an interactive racing car simulator, racing in a simulated supercar with the video feed and the controls provided by DisplayNet technology.


  • Christie – Christie used the show to demonstrate the next evolution in their popular MicroTiles product line. The company introduced MicroTiles LED, offering the first LED video wall with SDVoE built in to the LED controller. This optimizes color and brightness with no manual intervention required, with all tiles auto-matching in color and brightness. MicroTiles also offers a new interface which allows AV integrators to push client updates remotely.


The well-known visual designer and multimedia artist Tupac Martir gave the closing keynote at ISE 2019. His London-based production company Satore Studio counts numerous global brands as clients, such as BMW and Dior. His multidisciplinary team designs compelling and immersive experiences from concept to delivery, including lighting design, sculpture, architectural interventions, narrative films, sounds, single and multi-channel video works, event design, installations and live performances.

Martir told the audience there should be no tension between creativity and technology. For him creativity always takes the lead – he draws design concepts first, before worrying about the technology for making it possible. Technology is being introduced that can make any concept come alive, and he specifically referenced motion capture, wearable sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). In an animated and exciting presentation, Martir showed how the Satore Studio team uses such advanced technology to create unforgettable live events.

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