Atlanta Hawks Preview Center

August 6, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Reinforce the Atlanta Hawks brand and create opportunities for positive sales connections

Atlanta, Georgia


As part of their major arena renovation, Atlanta Hawks wanted to engage sponsors, supporters and the community. A great preview center would enable them to tell the Hawks’ story and build strong relationships with visitors. The endgame - buy into the team’s success as sponsors or season ticket holders. This strong commercial focus meant the preview center had to work hard to support the sales team by building interest, anticipation and commitment.

The team recognized that technology would play a key role. It had to guide prospects through the sales process and create an experience with a WOW factor. Engaging hearts and minds was crucial to closing the deal. The only problem - supporters and sponsors are a diverse group. They have their own agendas and interests so custom content and presentation was essential. And, that diversity meant the solution had to encourage guests to share their interests and expectations. Interaction was the driving force.

Themed suites act as closing rooms for the sales agents.


Designed by Hornall Anderson, Electrosonic was brought in to implement technology that put visitors on a sensory interactive journey through the center. Immersive experiences build anticipation, reinforce the brand and create opportunities for positive sales connections. This is no static sales pitch. Guests get a deep dive into the way they could become part of the team. With interactive touch screens they choose and visualize the options of their choice. It’s personal and highly effective.


When guests feel part of your team you’ve got a great relationship. Technology can engage people and make them feel part of the deal. They’re buying in to something special - a vision that excites them. They’re insiders and they’re part of the future of Atlanta Hawks. Guests feel they are in control. They’re not being sold to. That’s a positive win-win experience.

"The Atlanta Hawks Preview Center is very unique, interactive and engaging. It’s a real experience, not just a sales tool. The guests see how they’re part of something big." - Tim Garrison, Senior Creative Technologist, Hornall Anderson

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