Managed Services for Aggreko

June 4, 2018

Electrosonic VNOCs Give Cost Effective Support to a Worldwide Business


Aggreko plc, the world’s largest temporary power generation company, awarded Electrosonic a three-year global Managed Service Contract and several UK based AV maintenance agreements. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Aggreko requires a scalable and cost-effective solution to encourage greater uptake of its videoconferencing service.
Initially Electrosonic was asked to support several office locations on the American continent; over time this has been expanded to support the client’s estate in approximately 40 locations around the world. 


Aggreko’s business and its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, means it has a reliance on managing its estates through a remote support 
model. As Aggreko grew, it required more video conference endpoints. The challenge was to create a sustainable service model which kept the cost of adding more endpoints to a minimum.


The close partnership between Aggreko and Electrosonic allowed the development of a unique set of remote services based on exploiting Electrosonic’s VNOCs (Video Network Operations Centres) which helped Aggreko achieve its environmental policies whilst reducing its overall costs.
The Aggreko videoconferencing estate is managed by Electrosonic’s VNOCs based in Dartford and Canary Wharf. Electrosonic provides a proactive 24/7 managed service for both Polycom video conferencing infrastructure and endpoint devices. End users are fully trained on the technology and documentation is provided. They also benefit from conferencing services, including video call scheduling, operator meet and greet and quality  monitoring.


A sustainable and flexible service model that can keep up with changing business goals. The end-user experience is reliable and consistent with a single point of contact for all support requirements.


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