Managed Services for Aggreko

June 4, 2018

Customized remote managed service model reduces the environmental impact of global user and system support.


Aggreko is the world’s largest supplier of temporary and mobile power generation solutions with 40 locations around the world. Effective communication by video conferencing is vital for Aggreko’s global teams who may be working in remote locations or responding to emergencies.  To increase adoption and usage, Aggreko wanted to ensure their systems were easy to use with maximum reliability and availability. Support for both users and systems would be essential. The company takes its commitment to environmental responsibility extremely seriously so any support solution had to minimize its carbon footprint.

Aggreko recognized that remote support on a global scale would be essential to meet its environmental targets. As the business was expanding, Aggreko also needed a flexible, sustainable deployment model that would minimize the cost and impact of adding more endpoints. The challenge for Electrosonic was to deliver a consistent, sustainable, high-quality video conferencing experience for users wherever they are located.  

Electrosonic supports a consistent, highly reliable video conferencing service across 40 locations worldwide.


Working in partnership with Aggreko, Electrosonic developed a customized set of managed remote services. Three Video Network Operations Centers (VNOCs) provide 24/7 proactive remote monitoring and management of endpoints and infrastructure. A global Service Operations Center (SOC) gives users access to Electrosonic experts, concierge conferencing services, meeting scheduling and launching and helpdesk support. A sustainable service model minimizes the cost of adding new endpoints.


Aggreko can now provide its teams around the world with a consistent, reliable video conferencing service that supports both its operational and environmental goals. The remote service model minimizes the company’s carbon footprint, reduces internal support requirements and control costs while maximizing availability and reliability. A single point of contact for inquiries, coupled with extensive training and documentation optimizes the user experience and encourages greater uptake.

"I have worked with Electrosonic’s VNOC team for many years now. Each year they continue to proficiently deliver to Aggreko specialist managed video conferencing services." - Fraser Dorward, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, Aggreko plc

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