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Building Information Modeling Brochure

April 13, 2020

We understand that engineering innovation is not just about system design or the high-tech equipment that we use to build your AV systems. Key to our company DNA is project management; the methods and processes that we use to manage the projects that deliver these systems – ensuring that every project is delivered to specification, on time and on budget. Finding new methods to further improve both our delivery performance and the service that we provide to clients is just as important to us as driving the efficiency of system designs forward.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short, is a collaborative process used to create, manage and distribute drawings and information relating to an installation. The key output of the BIM process is a digital record of every aspect of the final design, developed from information gathered at each phase of a project and intended for use throughout the lifecycle of a building or installation.

BIM supports a totally coordinated design and development process across all disciplines – architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural engineers, fabricators and owners all contribute to and have access to the latest information in the model. When everyone involved in a project is using the BIM process it’s possible to greatly reduce the number of errors and omissions in a design at the earliest stage, saving time and cost on discussions and rework that can be common in multi-contractor projects.

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