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July 19, 2019 Jenn Petersen

Managed services help a global firm drive greater benefits from collaboration systems

London, United Kingdom


This top four professional services firm operates from offices around the world. It understands the importance of audiovisual and collaboration systems to improving performance, productivity and teamwork across its global workforce. The firm had invested in sophisticated audiovisual and video conferencing systems at its London headquarters to support collaboration in dedicated meeting rooms as well as deployments on desktops and informal working spaces. The new building, which has BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) environmental sustainability status, features full-scale video and audio conferencing in approximately 100 meeting rooms, including an auditorium and many collaborative, open plan-style workspaces.

To ensure full utilization of the facilities, the IT team had to ensure systems were accessible, reliable and easy to use. Poor experience can impact meeting outcomes, productivity and employee satisfaction. The team had to focus on system uptime and provide training and ongoing meeting support to users - all while aiming to control and reduce costs. However, the day-to-day tasks of managing, maintaining, scaling and supporting systems and users created an additional and significant workload for the IT team, distracting them from managing the core enterprise system.

Managed services eliminated day-to-day operational tasks.


The firm adopted a managed services solution to eliminate day-to-day operational tasks. The solution provides proactive monitoring and support and managed on-site services. This extends internal resources by providing instant access to expert skills and knowledge and advanced support technologies. Skilled, professional monitoring and rapid fault resolution maximize system reliability and availability. On-site staff work with internal teams to transfer knowledge and train and support users.


Electrosonic Managed Services on-site staff have seamlessly integrated into the organizations one-team ethos, aligned with the firm’s internal brand values at the service level. The high level service provision has resulted in an eight-year relationship and an expanded brief. Using managed services has delivered better business outcomes through more productive meetings and greater employee satisfaction — users are more confident in their systems. This helps build higher levels of collaboration enabling the firm to draw on global expertise to provide the best possible advice to clients. Improved system reliability and utilization has also reduced downtime, lowered overall support costs and contributed to higher return on investment.

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