The Importance of Technology Design Consulting in a Changing World

April 24, 2020 Editorial Team

Consulting an audiovisual professional is always a critical part of ensuring your technology solutions deliver on their potential and achieve the goals you set out to accomplish for your end users.

However, during an uncertain period like the one brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, this phase of the project lifecycle is even more important.

During this time of crisis, many of the world's building projects are on hold as corporate campuses, amusement parks, museums, public spaces and more are either closed or have moved to remote-only work.

While the actual construction and installation phases of your projects may be on hold, that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in high-quality, productive technology design and master planning, and a thorough consultant can help you do just that.

By focusing on this key step of the design process, you can be ready to hit the ground running when things return to what’s likely to be a “new normal.”

And Electrosonic is ready to bring you the industry’s most productive, complete and beneficial range of Technology Design Consulting services. This is a perfect time to look to the future and design something incredible so that, by the time this crisis is over, you won’t waste any time in bringing those experiences and solutions to life.

Leveraging Electrosonic’s Technology Design Consulting

We’re committed to designing, building and supporting innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work and play.

Technology Design Consulting services are the backbone of that effort, serving as the foundation for success in the experience economy.

Our Technology Design Consulting services include a complete range of services that will help you plan for every aspect of your unique solution, including Acoustical Design, Security, Surveillance and Access Control, Information and Communications, Audio, Video and Control Systems, and Technology Design Consulting.

Let’s dive into each of those key aspects and get a clearer picture of how Technology Design Consulting can help you bring together architecture, storytelling and technology in a meaningful and lasting way.


Acoustical Design Consulting

Your experiences shouldn’t only be visually stunning.

When designing an environment for your customers, employees or other end users, it’s critical to think about how you can leverage acoustics and solutions to support speech intelligibility, provide acoustic privacy and free the user experience from the burden of unwanted noise.

Electrosonic understands the business drivers and technical challenges that come alongside diverse acoustical environments, and we can help you meet and exceed those challenges with custom-tailored solutions that maximize functionality.

Electrosonic provides architectural acoustic design, mechanical noise and vibration control, performing arts acoustic design, environmental noise control and assessments, assistance with open-plan offices, sound isolation, technical oversight, and more, supporting the design process from concept to construction.

Take Europa Park’s Snorri Touren experience, for example – as a dark ride with limited, indoor space, the attraction needed powerful, multi-track audio that supported the immersion brought about by the entirety of the AV solution. It’s all in the details.


Security, Surveillance and Access Control System Design Consulting

No amount of incredible AV capabilities in a public experience or workplace is worth anything without confidence, safety and security.

One incident can have a lasting impact on your business, customers, revenue and compliance with critical regulations, so doing your due diligence to provide situational awareness is key.

At Electrosonic, we take a holistic approach involving wrapping video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control systems and more into a complete, unified security system platform.

Our experienced consultants carry out comprehensive studies that help you understand your risk and vulnerability and plan for every possibility, and now is the perfect time to ensure you’re up to par before work and space usage return to normal levels.


Audio, Video and Control Systems Design Consulting 

Multisensory, memorable experiences are what we do and what you strive for with your solutions.

But without efficient audio, video and control systems, you can’t get the most out of those one-of-a-kind experiences for your customers.

Customer expectations are shifting, and customers expect more and more out of the cutting-edge, innovative installations of the modern AV landscape.

That’s why we’ve created a team of technology experts with more than five decades of global design, consulting and project delivery experience across a range of market sectors, helping you design a solution that attracts and engages customers.

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Information Communications Technology Design Consulting

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before, and your solutions have to keep pace.

By harmonizing infrastructure and innovative converged technology systems, you can ensure they do.

Electrosonic can help design an efficient infrastructure to elevate your internal and external communications, data storage and transmission, and service and application delivery, helping you improve productivity and collaboration and overcome the unique operational challenges that stand in your way.


Electrosonic's Technology Master Planning™

Technology is the backbone of modern attractions, integrated spaces, destinations and workplaces worldwide, and our Technology Design Consulting services ensure that every aspect of your technology works toward your goal of providing a memorable experience for work or play.

You need industry-leading talent across every aspect of the aforementioned pieces of our Technology Master Planning™ methodology, and our technology design consulting team acts as a strategic partner in helping you leverage that talent.

The quality of every aspect of your solution has to be consistent and work with every other piece of the puzzle, and Electrosonic’s technology design consulting services guide you toward that unified, spectacular solution.

A Proactive Approach to Innovation

In the wake of the current crisis, there are two options – accepting that business will suffer from the slowdown until things get better, or choosing to be proactive and agile in finding a way to adapt and be as productive as possible, even during this period of uncertainty.

Electrosonic is here to help you choose the latter, bringing you unmatched support for the architectural process, guidance toward the right technology choices, training on essential skills and best practices, and help in considering the big picture of your design vision.

To learn how Electrosonic’s pioneering Technology Master Planning™ methodology could help bring your next project to life, contact us today.

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