Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

November 6, 2019 Emma Shipp

Innovative interactive technology and event spaces showcase the future of healthcare.  

Washington, DC


How do you convince political and healthcare leaders that innovation and technology will play a vital role in the nation’s health? Use innovation and technology to explain it. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health is a 12,000 square feet interactive learning center showcasing Kaiser’s vision for the future of healthcare — ‘the real world convergence of health, healthcare technology and innovation.’ The Center is described as a hybrid: a cross between corporate communications facility and visitor center. It is open to the public for tours and also provides a range of well-equipped meeting spaces where healthcare decision makers can hold conferences or ad-hoc meetings.

The Center integrates multiple state-of-the-art technologies including touch-screen walls that explain the concept of total health, a multi-touch video wall, and demonstration stations that highlight innovations in telemedicine, mobile health apps and delivery of healthcare through smart devices. The highlight of the Center is the interactive Discovery Wall presenting the vision of ‘Total Health across America.’ At 80 feet long by 9 feet high, it claims to be one of the largest multi-touch displays in the world. This wall makes a bold statement to both visitors on tours and delegates to meetings. Other interactive elements in demonstration zones give visitors the opportunity to discover the history of the company and learn more about the way doctors use technology such as to improve patients’ health. The Center’s meeting facilities are designed for flexibility and can accommodate meetings, talks and events related to the future of healthcare.

One of the world’s largest multi-touch interactive walls challenges visitors to learn about the concept of total health. 


Kaiser Permanente had a bold vision for the new Center — to use innovative technology to present their story in a compelling way that was informative, educational and dynamic. A key feature was the 80 feet-long interactive videowall. It required custom software to display the content and support easy-to-use interactivity powered by a multi-camera gesture recognition system. To ensure correct display of the images, custom-built mirror rigs would be essential. The videowall had to accommodate regular content updates so it had to be designed to operate in two modes – as a twin touchscreen system and a scaled down single section of videowall with gesture input system to a New York studio to facilitate content development. Careful audio design and control was important to provide quality local sound for the various displays but special sound-mitigation solutions were also required to maintain the correct audio balance between public spaces and private meeting areas.


Electrosonic designed and integrated the sophisticated audiovisual installations in the public spaces and meeting areas. The 80-feet videowall provides an informative introduction to different aspects of health including prevention, wellness and community health with expert advice from doctors, academics, businesses and thought leaders. A briefing room and other meeting spaces and interactive demonstration areas are equipped with acoustic panels to optimize and isolate audio throughout the center.  


The innovative audiovisual installations and flexible meeting spaces have given Kaiser Permanente a highly effective interactive learning center to engage with policy makers, business leaders and the public. The Center is now a popular destination hosting hundreds of tours and events each year where visitors can explore the concept of total health through unique immersive exhibits.

"The center will be the first place that leaders and the general public can go to see the real-world convergence of health, health care technology and innovation. It is a place where industry and business leaders can fully embrace a vision for total health, see it in action, engage other leaders in how to potentially shape health care over the years to come." - Philip Fasano, Chief Information Officer 
and Executive Vice-President
Kaiser Permanente

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