Hult International Business School Campuses

January 23, 2018

Cutting-edge technology complements innovative courses to create a dynamic learning environment for forward-thinking business talent.


The graduate business school sector is highly competitive with students demanding ever greater value for their tuition fees. They want exciting, relevant courses, expert tuition and an environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to accelerate learning. Hult International Business School had an ambitious goal to meet that demand by building a global network of campuses that would create the world’s largest graduate business school. They recognized that technology would play a critical role in delivering the same standard of learning support across campuses in London, Dubai, Boston and San Francisco. The aim was to equip classrooms and breakout rooms with the same audiovisual systems so that students and lecturers had a consistent experience on every site — a key element of the Hult curriculum where students rotate across several campuses. Global content distribution was an essential element and the systems had to be extremely reliable with support available 24x7 across multiple time zones.

Innovative audiovisual solutions support an engaging, motivational learning environment for global graduate business education. 


Electrosonic developed and installed interactive presentation systems and audio systems to a common design for 14 classrooms and 38 breakout rooms across the four campuses. Content is distributed centrally to all sites and each classroom has intuitive, interactive control systems for lecturers. The majority of the equipment is networked enabling remote 24x7 monitoring and management from Electrosonic’s Video Network Operations Center, backed by local service operations.


A consistent technology-led learning environment spread across a global network of connected campuses enables Hult International Business School to offer students an innovative multinational learning experience. This helps Hult to attract forward-thinking business talent and maintain its position as the world’s largest graduate business school. The School demonstrates that learning institutes can succeed by being creative, entrepreneurial and on the cutting edge of technology.

"Over the many years we have worked together, Electrosonic have delivered only better value results for Hult. We have been able to implement consistent audiovisual standards at the school, which have resulted in improved customer experience at each of our campuses across the globe. We continue to work with Electrosonic in a collaborative way to come up with more innovative audiovisual solutions to support our growth."Yousuf Khan Chief Information Officer, Hult International Business School

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